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Windscreen from a German WW2 vehicle?

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Hi there,

I am chancing my arm here, and hope someone can recognize the windscreen in the pictures. I am refurbishing a house in the North of Norway and have over the years found a lot of german WW2 stuff there. This as the house was indeed occupied by Germans during the war.

Up in the attic I however found a broken windscreen which of course could be of more recent times, but as I am not able to identify what vehicle if fits I am a bit puzzled here, and hope someone could help me identify this.

I am sure there are someone out there that might need such a part, and it would be good to find a new home for this windscreen.

Any pointers is highly appreciated











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Hi this is no windshield but a windshield heater that was on the inside of the shield and with all the rubber it created an airpocket that was heated with the wires to get warm to the windshield. You could control the heat by the knob. Tag says that the apparatus is regulated for 6 Volts and gives instructions how to fix it to the inside.

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Hi Goran,

The only military vehicle type that I am aware of that this curved heater screen could fit is any of the Kfz 21 Kommandeurwagens types, mHorch, sHorch, Skoda etc., which had curved one piece windscreens,  but as it does not look at all military with shiny metal parts,  its most likely for any civilian car with a one piece curved windscreen.


cheers PAUL


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