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Found this document elsewhere.



Full of detail of what was where.

I assume it is now irrelevant due to all the BAOR Units now defunct or returned to UK.


Found my old units listed but no detail on RAF (G) Sqns.



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I agree - one thing which caught my eye was the number of Centurions maintained in war stocks as late as they were.  I wonder when they finally went.  I'm always interested in lists of equipment held.  When I was in the Sappers in about 1982, among the ubiquitous Mk 1 Millies we had a single Leyland Martian GS.  No idea why, we just did.  It wasn't particularly reliable and wasn't used a great deal - I think it towed the servicing trailer, but as that was always VOR (usually lacking a test certificate for the compressor tank - because other bits missing precluded its being sent for testing), it didn't get out much.  As I recall, the servicing trailer was the only piece of kit in the troop which never worked while I was there (closely followed by the Mk5 Coles cranes which spent so long going through the REME system having the safe load indicator certified that it came out of 37 Rhine Workshops was it(?) and went straight back in again!) The Hydra Husky could be a bit of a pain for the same reason  - and they added a boom extension sensor for checking as well!  After that the least reliable was the LMD.  Muir Hills were generally pretty good as were the Allises - which were also more popular than the Terex.  The Barford was also thought more highly of than the Haulamatic with its heated rear loadbed which precluded stowing a lot of stuff in it for deployments.  Hey ho - happy days!

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In the entry for RAF Bruggen on the first page, I see no mention of 52 SQN ADR CONST RE normally based at 22 Engr Reg at Perham Down Tidworth back in the UK. I believe that they were allocated to Bruggen and had facilities and vehicles based there permenantly.

From personnel experience I was with them between 1978 and 1983.

Was 52's role not required by 1990? Even with a different SQN.


A similar situation would apply to Gutersloh, Laarbruch and Wildenrath. These being covered by RE units from Ripon, Maidstone and Waterbeach.

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Hello all,

I am new to this forum, @ploughman's post brought me here when I saw he posted my BAOR document. I just posted the updated version:


Updated the following:

-Gurkha Coys roles explained

- GDP for Para Regt Gp added

- expanded on the RE section regarding the change to Close Support/General Support Engineer Regts

- added explanation and roles of General Service Units

Again, the devil is in the details, please peruse it and you will find many more additions & explanations. As always please feel free to add or correct, I will credit you in whatever manner you like.
I intend to add an RAF Germany section, do you mind if I utilize what you posted, I will give you complete credit. 
I recently discovered that in 1980/81 there were 243 Saladin & 600 or so Saracen in the inventory. As you can see by my document I can only account for 12 Saladin & 250 Sarcen by 1989. Would that be just vehicles that are "in-service" I can't believe they scrapped/sold that many vehicles in so short at time, especially in light of all the official documents I'm receiving where there is mention of looking for equipment for possible new units (COGRAM) & WMR.
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