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Free Victor bomber

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56 minutes ago, johann morris said:

It beggars belief that they would even consider scrapping it, I hope that someone comes along and saves it.



sounds like they don't have a choice. If it's structurally in danger of collapse,  there's no funding to stabilize/restore  it,  and none comes forward,  then what else?

It would be bad if this was the last one but (according to Wiki)There's 4 others, 2 can be taxied. It will be interesting to see if anyone comes forward, finding someone with the funding or even a building large enough to display in seems low likelihood?

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29 minutes ago, Mk3iain said:

Just how complete is it though. If it has been stripped of engines, systems and cockpit instruments etc it is just a shell in poor condition.

doesn't appear to be the case, plugs are present in both intake and exhaust, my bet is that it's the same condition as the day they decommissioned it.  This was the last operating base for this aircraft, I bet it was simply towed from flight line to gate guardian in 1993


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The cold war museum would be a good home for it as the  V bombers were a main stay against the threat from the eastern block but sadly as someone wrote to me about the blackburn Beverley what price our military history if it cannot be put behind glass do not bother

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I am looking at it, initial inspection done full survey next but to be fair its not in bad condition at all...the real issue is the planning department is doing everything it can to stop me doing the museum and whilst opening 28 days a year is possible its a bit of a pain.  I can store it at my place but it will never move again if it comes to me.

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On 2/25/2020 at 9:20 AM, Ashcollection said:

well I've got a sentinel tug that was designed to tow the V bombers. don't think our Norfolk roads are wide enough though. because if it was  that easy we bloody would have it haha. 

forget towing, a quick tune-up and fly it somewhere. You know the old girl has a few left in er😉

Were you able to confirm, is it really complete with engines, flight controls etc?


On 2/23/2020 at 2:48 PM, Jessie The Jeep said:

This was asked on a model forum, so someone looked into it. Prices for dismantling and moving ranged from £100,000 to £250,000.

Some serious scratch, even for a wealthy collector, for something that will sit in one place forever. That's assuming it's left as a tanker, to restore it back to is' bomber configuration i can only image.

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I was stationed at RAF Marham between 1983 and 1985. It was home to two Tornado Squadrons (617 and 27) and two Victor (tanker) Squadrons (55 and 57) so I probably saw this one in service and flying.......

The Victors at this time were in a transitional phase regarding paint........some were in the old dark green/grey wavy camo finish whereas others were being repainted at major overhaul time in the then-new "hemp" colour......

A magnificient, graceful aeroplane......

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It cost over £100000 to move the VC 10 from Bruntingthorpe to RAF Cosford. That’s dismantling move by numerous lorries and rebuilding.

This Victor has been sat without any maintenance since the 1990s. 

Its going to go for scrap.  

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From what l have read on this subject the victor is only a shell so there  are no major  internals to  remove from and refit inside as some one  who has been involved in the dismantling of a very large aircraft and its rebuild and care  l can tell you that the costs involved was not any where near the figures quoted and the BLACKBURN BEVERLEY was the subject to a lot of  theft  of parts before it came to the museum  l also would like to say that because there are a few still in museums if we had taken that stance in the past how many vehicles would have survived to day and been around 

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