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Hi New Member, new Jeep

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Just a word of caution on vehicle trackers. 

The cheap ones you buy on ebay are based on mobile phone technology and use GPS tracking. A lot of the more sophisticated car thieves now have GPS scramblers/blockers that will stop you being able to track your vehicle..

There are companies out there that use both GPS and VHF tracking as well, may cost a bit more but worth looking at

These guys are good, I had a mate who bought a used caravan, had it stolen from his drive, the police then told him to check with these guys to see if it had had a tracking device on it. He called them, they checked, re-activated the tracker and managed to recover it for a relatively small fee..


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Hi  your jeep looks a good project for you I build jeeps for a living they are not difficult to work on just get on with it this is the last one I did it went back to America a ford gpw from this to t

"i learnt not to throw stuff out from that, well not to until I’d confirmed it as junk" No such thing as junk its all "stuff". Partners might not agree though...🙄

Wow Jerry, nice things you are doing over there. Keep the pictures coming as I am just as eager as Steviem to learn from it. Looking at bodywork repairs, Often you see waves in the panels or an area w

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I’ve had a tracker before. It was very good. Had a little issue though, but nothing bad. I wrote the car off and I was in a bad way. They rang my dad when they couldn’t contact me to say there was abnormal activity (being recovered). They didn’t believe him when he told them so I had to speak to them in my distressed state.


i also had contact from them when 2 cars parked so close to the car I couldn’t get in. I let the handbrake off and rolled it back until I could get in. Because the key wasn’t in the car, they thought it was being lifted so rang me instantly. A couple of security questions answered and all was well. I was very happy at the speed they responded. No problem with checking.

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have been working again fitting the body and painting it with a working coat of green then blasting all the body bits ready for refitting the two long bits in the blasting box are the Canadian under back seat box this made a tool box under the seat very handy i have top coated the bits so can start bolting them on tomorrow   






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Looking the part, is that a reproduction body kit going on,  really hoping to save what original bits I can,  sorry for the slow reply Greek Internet isn't great. 

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there was not a lot of the  body left you might of been able to save the bulk head so the owner asked for a new body it would of been over £5000 to rebuild it not worth it and a gallon of body filler also the body was a ford scripted and the jeep a willys script  so the new body is the correct one happy days    

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i might know of a jeep that was running a number of years ago can ask if its up for sale don't know the condition and i am not after another one as i have two more to do for myself let me know and i can ask for you   

1 minute ago, JPMulders said:

That is what Steviem said as well right? Prefer our ww2 stuff.

for me no tupperware car either

59 minutes ago, JPMulders said:

Fully agree

sorry you cannot get better than a ww2 jeep to much plastic on that one   

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Well back from the Greek Islands time to crack on tomorrow, passenger seat to get out, then start removing rear lights,  instrument clusters etc then on to the next stage, any advice welcome,  this is all for tub removal. 

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