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Rescuing my WD16H


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Ahh yep that's a good idea Ron 🙂

Been doing some work again today on her.

Todays job was some work on the original Amal carb to see what components were missing in it. A

fter freeing a damaged throttle slide I spent a few hours cleaning the body and checking for wear the carb seems in remarkably good condition under all the crud inside an the slide will now travel freely. After a tip from Lex it doesn't seem to be rocking either in the body. Really need to get a ultrasonic bath in the future.

Unfortunately some parts are missing from the Carb so a decision will have to be made between the cost of the individual replacement components vs a new complete Carb.

Just totting it up ok the Amal website. Has anyone used any of the new Amal 276 carbs?

Looks like I'll need a slide, air slide springs, gaskets etc an a float + float needle. Comes to about £150 in parts. Vs a new carb at £350

An who are we all using for wiring supplies in the UK for loom wiring whats the right gauge for 6v systems and connectors an the colour rings that's hopefully the next job for the start of this new lockdown. I think Lex did tell me but I've lost the message when my computer went pop. Know where to get the electronic bit from for the MCR1 thanks to Ron.

Thanks again everyone.

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Chain on fitted the chain guard to. 

Gonna order some wiring supplies from somewhere tomorrow, excited to start learning how to do that. Working in crazily cramped conditions unless I can get her outside. 

Need to get some longer bolts for the rear stays to lower mudguard to.

Once I've got the wiring done the next step is a new Carb, an hunt for a 44' oil tank. Then after that rear carrier an racks, then a few other detail bits as an when funds allow including a vokes :)

Need to repair the oil lines tomorrow as well.


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Posted (edited)
Finally some progress for the wd16h :D hope we are all keeping well
scratched some of the black paint off n there's still what looks like scc.2 on top of the metal.
Need to get the oil tank fully back to metal but the inside is really nice. 
Last few bits to get now, sort the carb, sort a rear carrier, pannier frames late type pillion seat an a field stand. Once funds allow steady progress but exciting nether the less.
The first of my Japanese classics goes this weekend just the 250 an 350lc to go then an I can get hunting for a Pre war inter to keep her company very exciting times.
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Posted (edited)

Hi Everyone:) sorry I've been so quiet been getting my yamaha rd350lc n 250lc which I've had had 15 years ready to sell to fund a pre war Inter. 
Got a few more bits thanks to everyone's advice an a few Eagle eyes of the lads spotting stuff coming up for sale as always very much appreciated. 
Managed to nab a brand new modern Amal 276AE/1BE for half the cost of new as no one else bidded. 
An the other Night I got a nos Field Stand in the box over the moon with that. 
Over the next few weeks I'm gonna order some more paint an do the oil tank so I can get that fitted and repair the oil feed and return lines then look at getting her fired up! Exciting times. 
If you want any pics of it Rob for the Norton website lemme know an I'll get some more taken. 

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