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Haulage, Companies, recomends options etc

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Morning all,

sidestepping the "Drive it there" debate, should I wish to move 5 tons of armoured toy around Southern England (Berkshire to where ever)

I am rather naively investigating the costs, practicalities and methods of "hauling" .  With a view to moving a Fox generally more South East temporarily

around July/August.   Not here for opinions on Kent in the summer :-)

go ahead chaps any thoughts

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Have you thought of owning a light beaver tail truck registered PHG and transport it yourself ?

A used recovery truck maybe, not expensive and not too expensive to run, comparatively...

Of course you would need an LGV licence etc.

May not fit your circumstance but worth a thought.



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4 minutes ago, sirhc said:

Hi Nick,

You could try and find a local plant hire company, I’ve used them to move CVRTs in the past. You don’t necessarily need a low loader.



Thanks Chris, didn't think of plant companies, worth a punt, yes had a quote or two from low loaders at 540 + VAT  Each way !!!

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10 hours ago, tankdiver said:

I   transport my 5- 7 ton vehicles with a hired tilt lorry  it is cheaper and less stressful than driving distances to shows . Warren does short and long hauls and is very reasonable pm me if you want detailes

Thanks Laurence, sent you an email



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