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Wanted - MRC8270 Land rover series 3 mirror heads


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29 minutes ago, radiomike7 said:

Also check out MRC2458 and DA2130

Sorry - not what he requires.


This is a bit complex.    Even the Solihull Supplementary Parts lists have it wrong.   He wants a door hinge mounted Wingard metal head for a Wingard boomerang arm.  The metal head has the securing clip correct dia. for the arm dia.  This is the larger dia. arm  (approx.  5/8" dia) ,  it originated from the Wingard "commercial vehicle range" ,   I used to order them from a factor.

In the years the metal head was factory fitted , spares were UNIPART numbered to Franchise dealers. However ISTR  Unipart may not have supplied loose heads and this was from time of introduction mid 1982 to end of S3 production.

Mirrors were a total  PITA  ,   the early Lightweight wing Wingard boomerang was a special long length supplied only to Solihull.   I have them new in Unipart boxes and probable LRP&E boxed.  I used to also fit door hinge mounted using kits , the mirror matched the mirror head on wing and was oblong plastic MRC 55  , the arms are smaller dia. approx. 1/2" .   I don't think Solihull ever fitted these civvy Optional Parts Cat. kits to the door hinges  (the bracket plate was pressed).  The factory went straight to the thick plate hinge bracket (to prevent vibration with a  5" x 7"  commercial head and heavy duty commercial arm) . 

Door mounted mirrors were such a mess , I haven't explained all - no wonder the Army fitted Defender ones,  the last months/years of Lightweight production may have had them fitted too.#


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17 hours ago, ruxy said:

I think you mean  MRC 8276

You are right, MRC8276 convex, not MRC8270 which are flat (my typo error).

My vehicle is a December '79 build Lightweight FFR. Currently it is fitted with the later, August '82 on until production end, Defender type MTC5083 door mirrors mounted via brackets MRC2863 to the top door hinges.

My intention is to replace these with the correct for build MRC4583 mirror arms and MRC8276 heads. I have a good pair of original Land rover (Wingard) MRC4583 arms but I need a pair of the original Land rover (Wingard) MRC8276 steel mirror heads to go with them. The mounting bracket is the same for either.

So, anyone with a decent pair of the aforesaid MRC8276, I would be very appreciative. Not bothered if the glass is broken.

Regards and thanks for the input.


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This post got me thinking (not being a mirror expert) that I have a new one in box one. The box has 1997 written on it;

MIRROR ASSY REARVIEW,  NSN 25409 99 550177, Heated, 12v, Rect Glass, 234MM LG 215MM, W Frame

P/No 281049502

Its no use to me, any offers ?


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Bob  -    believe me , I have "MIRROR" correspondence going back to Sept. 1984  when I purchased L'wt  50HG75 (DIS 12/1980) ,   Contract FVE22A/115/ Item 4  this was with a Mr. Isdale of Land Rover  (Solihull Technical)    .      He also supplied me with the Contract  "Supplementary Parts List" ,  I had to phone him (as normal) to receive info. he was able to only give verbal.  It is interesting that the sketch on the list front cover shows both wing and door mounted mirrors , this is probably wrong, the contents for mirrors on Page 22  MISCELLANEOUS STOWAGES AND EQUIPMENT is also wrong , and Mr Isdale agreed it was very very wrong,  he did give me an explanation  -  the vehicle was part of a frustrated export order for the Shah of Iran  (like tanks politically blocked) , so the British Army received a 'windfall' of tanks and L'wt.

I would suggest the British Gov. immediately blocked export (Jan. 1979) to Ayatollah Khomeini probably as soon as he left his tent on the outskirts of Paris. 

ISTR you have 19HF14  (FFR)   Contract FVE22A/87/ Item  1 

(I have 23HF86)  GS  FVE22A/87  Item 3    DIS   July 1979  .  I obtained at CMA Shepshed  on 21/3/1989,  not a minta but VGC  - I paid top $    in fact  £2950 , on the day I also paid £442.50  VAT  (to get it off their premises)  (total  £3392.50)   ..   I disputed the VAT on the  'rules'  and later they paid it back. 

Likewise - I have the Solihull detail build sheets  Contracts  FVE22A/78/87 & 94 (I believe for all Item Nos.  -  built between  Jan. to Nov.  1979).

Rover Mods.  L16913/17364/17668


I again tackled the Sales Rep for Wingard ,  later I drove 23HF86  1 mile to the premises of Snowballs (Railway Street) Bishop Auckland,  to again request the door mirrors to be positive ID ,  received Ref. nos. for their Agent (Snowballs ) to order on.   Snowballs were still in part with their main business of Ex-WD Bedford lorries & spares for.  

I then again consulted with Wilsons Motors .  LR franchise dealers along the street,   the conclusion reached :-


Page  2E12      Series 3 Land Rover  DESTINED for France and Italy from  November 1977 onwards.

You will be aware of  LR  Fiche  S3   88"  1/2 ton  MILITARY VEHICLE

RTC9968FA     June 1993

It gives Fiche2 2  D7    BODY CHASSIS MIRRORS.

It gives Note 1  and  Note  2    Fitted up to July 1982 and from August 1982

The above note(s)  are truly WRONG  ,   how can it be correct when clearly the hardware in situ. evidence indicates as supposition they were fitted as far back as 1979  ?    Yes  - they could have been retro-fitted in service.

IMHO   the documentary evidence covers L'wt built from Jan 1979  ORIGINALLY ORDERED FOR THE BRITISH MOD,   however  NOT for EXPORT ORDER (originally but vehicles taken on strength by the British MOD).


There is no doubt what the Solihull  DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE  states 19HF14 was  "Ex-works"  mirror fitted & you may not like to be told  :-

1.   Wing mounted  569137   , Mirror complete,mounted on wings  coded as  AD   (AD  from Preface  =  to indicate an additional item on the vehicle)

In fact these are the long stem (Lightweight specific ONLY   Wingard boomerang)  AND fitted with a ROUND plastic head  606178 (Unipart No. Supersession  also IIRC).    The interesting thing is these were IIRC originally  Rover 1 S2A and very early S3    --FL--    ,   from --FM--   approx. up to  door mounted type the Mirror head was the Wingard oblong plastic type -  345599  !!

However  -  there is no doubt whatsoever (according to Solihull records)  yout L'wt was Ex-works for defo. with a pair of  MRC2863  Mounting bracket for door mirror.

So there in a nutshell you have it -  thick plate type bracket ,  BUT NO  ARM & MIRROR secured to same.  

So -  if not Dispatch rectification, did the Ordnance Depot actually order in and fit the  HD door mirror arm and head (as explained identical to the France & Italy  "Export Spec."  )   or from abt.  1984 they may just have discovered the  Civvy Defender   MTC5085  Arm  for convex mirror , could in fact be fitted to the special HD thick bracket then mount it's mate  MTC 5084  Exterior mirror -convex.

We  (you and I ) are aware  = just thumb through the MJC book,, in service all sorts of adaptations were made for / to L'wt wing mirrors and also alternative makes/sizes (plastic & metal shells) heads to Wingard arms.

Me  ,    being a self-appointed , worst type of rivet-counter -  I go along with how the vehicle left Solihull "Dispatch In/Out"  (rectification could in fact change things)  .    Door mirrors on Late Lightweights - probably the only detail I don't know for absolute certainty.



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3 minutes ago, MatchFuzee said:

Is this the correct mirror? 


It seems to me wrong shape/size of shell , also the clip seems the smaller size & thus the delve for swivel is also wrong dims.

It is a much more complex subject.    Probably you will find the correct type on Post Office Sherpa vans , & other authority that specified HD fittings.   I don't recall the HD's on agricultural tractors.

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1 hour ago, MatchFuzee said:

This one is even embossed PO


Actually , that is a very rare  "Special" , more so because it has survived ,because the case moulding  is not cracked , the plastic cracked after several years - I would say more because subject to sunlight than air-pressure stress.    It is in fact  'almost' like the S3 Lightweight oblong plastic model  for wings (also used mainly on civvy Optional door mirrors).  The PO were funny on marking nickable property , like British Railways.   The S3 Lightweight mirror head does NOT have that extra taper to the sides.      It would be white for curb crawling & on the wrong side of road !

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Hi All,

For the record my vehicle is Lightweight 19HF27, FFR, build date Dec '79.

The correct mirrors for the vehicle as built are MRC8276, see Land rover fiche parts catalogue RTC9968FA, Series III, 88"-1/2 ton Military Vehicle (Air Portable - Lightweight) 12 and 24v, fiche 2 D7.

This is the correct item: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gen-NOS-Land-Rover-Series-2-2a-3-Large-Convex-Door-Wing-Mirror-Head-MRC8276/401776109190 - at one hell of a ridiculous price!!!

All I'm after is a couple of good seconds.

Yes the tractor mirrors are very very similar but not quite right.

Thanks for all the input.


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The eBay photographs -  the box is  "Land Rover Parts & Equipment"  LRPE  at earliest 1985 when Unipart lost the Genuine spares supply contract , spares moved to the Caterpillar supply logistics chain warehouse at Desford. 

Note - original supply to AUSTIN ROVER ITALIA   , and what I stated in my previous post about Optional Parts Cat. page for Italy.,  vendor also states on box  -  manufactured  06/13/1998.

Well  -   I have just been groping said mirrors in the dark using a torch , just to convince myself of what I already know - that the correct mirror glass is FLAT. I having driven using them for abt. 40 + years I don't think they have any built in optical illusion - no distortion whatsoever.   

Don't believe microfiche , don't believe the Solihull parts lists .   The rear of the shell looks correct for construction (rivet counting - 4)  .  Although I think they may be marked just Wingard or possibly Britax Wingard too.  


My view of these mirrors is that - considering L'wt has a single squab(s) position and build of different drivers.  In my case I can set them safe for overtaking (even with trailer/caravan, and still set for rear corner of L'wt body.  Before noticing them fitted I had used the standard extended front wing but had to fit matching head door kit (uses light pressed bracket) that also had a Halfords "little over-taker wedge mirror secured with double side tape.   Also with a ATU or TUAAM box on wing things are getting a little congested.

                              However - they do look a bit clumpy and not quite right although practical for all purpose.   I prefer the more dainty standard wing and optional  UK civvy door kit mirror , refined still by the very early 1970's round plastic head (that lasts longer) than the orthodox  oblong plastic head (the oblong plastic head is now probably unobtanium) , the Britpart plastic round head is very close).

The  Ebay asking £ price for that head in Italy - I'd rather carve a  'genuine' copy with my front teeth.



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Are these what you are looking for? I have just found a pair of them in my shed while looking for something else.

Yes and no, these are RatDyot's rather than Wingard but the two are contemporary, dimensions of mirror heads should be 7" x 5".

Is that MOD packaging? would appreciate pic of the box labeling especially date of manufacture if you don't mind.

If they are going spare, I'll have them off you.




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