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Arena parade insurance

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Just renewed my MV insurance & I see KGM have included the wording below.

If you don't like being made to go round the arena it seems the perfect get-out, if you enjoy that sort of thing then contact your MV broker for advice.



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As a former insurance broking technician I would want clarification on what they mean by "officially sanctioned" [by whom?] which appears to apply to all the areas specified, not just the show arenas; it strikes me as poor drafting not to do this, unless, of course, it's elsewhere  in the wording.

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I looked into this a few years ago.  Astonishingly quite a few insurance companies exclude use in the arena or more specifically anywhere that the road traffic act does not apply. One very popular company that advertises widely in the military vehicle press and even sponsors shows told me that they only cover the vehicle on the road, driving onto the field for the first time and driving off the field after the show had closed. Any other vehicle movements were not covered. 

By definition, the arena is an area where the general public are excluded and therefore the road traffic act does not apply. Anywhere that the public have general access to is considered to be covered by the road traffic act.  

It's a complicated minefield..... which sadly will require a serious court case to set a precedent......

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