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overhaul of B vehicles

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Looking for any infomation as to the work carried out to my 1951 80" landrover in 1960 when a base overhaul was carried out


would the work be carried out to a set standard (anybody got a copy of the standard please ) with the complete vehicle rebuilt to as new condition regardless of cost or was each vehicle assessed and just repaired as necessary ,if every vehicle was completely rebuilt there must have been some system to bring the overhauled parts for each vehicle back together or was it case that the next completed set of parts were just assembled as complete vehicle .was the 50s /60s system the same as the wartime rebuild programe for say bedford MWs which after rebuild got new Z numbers in the  Z 160000 range ,am i correct in think that the same system was in use on all  vehicles used by the british military ,would workshop B398 have just specialized in land rovers or just overhauled any vehicles it was sent ?


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Initially the 1949 system used the same practice as the previous census number system, with the series from 00RA01 used for rebuilt vehicles [presumably starting with "R" to show a rebuild]. However, 'rebuild' numbers ceased to be allocated sometime in 1952, having used numbers, so far as I can tell, up to about two thirds of the way through xxRHxx. Thereafter any rebuilt vehicles continued to carry whatever number was on the data plate and frame, whatever the origin of the rest of the parts used.

My understanding is that these rebuilt numbers were issued for rebuilds under contracts issued from 1949 onwards, and that vehicles with census numbers indicating an earlier rebuild were renumbered into the range from 00YA01 onwards allocated to existing vehicles.

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I think that B398 was an AAW, Army Auxilliary Workshop. in other words, a civilian contractor to the Ministry of Supply.  Wally Duggan may be able to help you with where that AAW was located



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