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Obituary - Deryck John Newshamm - "Degsy"

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Sorry to have to inform everyone on HMVF, "Degsy" sadly passed away in his sleep on 2nd December, it is thought he had picked up a bug of some sort but we are not 100% sure and will know more next week.

I have been asked by "Degsy's" son Richard to inform those who know him of his passing.

Details of the funeral will be posted shortly.


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Thanks all, will pass your messages on to his Son.

*Update* Deryck;s passing was due to Natural causes.

If anyone would like to come to pay their respects,  his funeral will be held at Colwyn Bay crematorium on Thursday 19th December at 12:30pm followed by reception  at Colwyn Bay's Cricket Club.



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Only just saw this.

Very sorry to hear he passed away. We spend some time during A&E 2012. IIRC we also went to the pub.

When he fell ill some years ago I contacted him a few times for moral support.

Quite recently I thought about him and considered contacted him and I guess I forgot.


Please convey my sincere condoleances to his son and sorry for not knowing it earlier.

I think its him on the left in the photo?


To Degsy, Rest in peace.


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