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Good afternoon,

Just became a new member of this forum. Thank you for allowing me to become one. Let's say something about me. I am a Dutchman, 62 years and retired for about 10 years. Me and my wife are living in Hungary for the last 8 almost 9 years. We have plenty of room around us so driving a tank would not be such a problem. Also a lot of sand roads and a former military area close by were 20 years ago the Hungarian ary practiced off road riding. I saw a lot of old sovjet tanks which are for sale around us. I drove a 30 ton VT 55 called the Bull. A nice tank but very big and little space inside. After a long search I found a FV434 in Belgium whic I managed to buy. The seller and his wife are noce people who intend to move to .... Hungary!

When retired you have a lot of time and here in Hungary there is not a lot of time pressure. So I have some other hobby's like restorating oldtimers ( at the moment busy with two Armstrong Siddeley star sapphires ) and riding horses. If anyone wants to drop by you are very welcome to do so.

Hans Kraaijeveld



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