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Andy were you thinking of Marcus Engineering (Wirral) Company Limited they refurbished carbs etc vehicles in NI. Some years ago I ordered a lot of carb spares from them, but they seemed to have ceased trading under that name in 2003.

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the seals and rear bearing were available locally they are standard sizes. 
The front bearing is the impeller shaft housing , it needed a light hone as previous work had damaged it. 
assemble the armature into the forward pump housing. assemble the rear motor housing onto the field case (brushes out)  then place that over the armature and secure with two screws. 







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There is a felt washer between the two front seals . I soaked them in moly grease . The rear bearing is a bronze bush . I sprayed it with moly cote and put moly grease in the void between the end of the armature and the top of the case plugged the hole with a felt seal to hold the grease in. 

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