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Q. Info on WWII REME Engine Jib/Crane for use in the field

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Anyone know the proper nomenclature fot the wee Jib/Crane, on the right, holding the old Engine in this IWM photo? Any info on it at all, manuals, drawings etc.

REME fitters prepare to install a new engine into a Sherman tank at 8th Armoured Brigade workshops, 9 August 1944. © IWM (B 8892)


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Could the A frame thingy visible behind the engine that has been removed be some kind of engine steady that would be fitted to the replacement engine  when it is ready to be installed then attached to the inside of the hull? The reason that I think this is that the A frame has a gap at the apex so it couldn't be used for lifting.

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The "A frame thingy" behind the take out engine on the right of the photo is actually part of the engine. It is the stays for the exhaust mufflers that sit in a frame bolted to the top of the diamond shaped engine mounting frame and held up at the back by those two stays. Later installations did away with the mufflers and just had plain pipes to the fishtails in the overhang of the upper hull.

I note that the box for the new engine is marked as containing an engine with Scintilla mags rather than Bosch mags which didn't have a booster coil and so the engine wiring was slightly different, though easily changed to suit.


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