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Rebuild Plate 50 RB 34

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I am very reluctant to disagree with you, Wally, but while the range you quote does, according to the evidence I have, indeed have Bedford QLDs at the beginning and the end, there are a lot of assorted other [non-Bedford] types in between. The nearest number I have identified is 50RB96, which was apparently a Morris C8 FAT, for example. I am not suggesting that this means that the data plate shown comes from a C8, as rebuilt batches sometimes seem to have been quite small.

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the numbers quoted are from the key card records also they appear in a well known book on the subject but as I have said in the past mistakes appear  quite recently some one questioned the fact that census numbers were  not applied to new vehicle between the end ww2 and  1950 a fact well  documented    

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in my reply l said that the numbers allocated showed that 50 RB 34  was in that batch for QLDs   l did not say the vehicle was a QLD or any other  as to how these numbers were allocated I  am fully aware that other vehicles can be found in amongst these batches also that batches of number that that are shown as not taken up in such documents as the chilwell list 19 44  were allocated after this date and appear in the chilwell ledger 1945 to 1950 

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