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GMC cckw 353 water operating temp

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Mine runs at the same - but then I have a brand new rad and the entire engine was flushed through and so cooling is very efficient - to be honest im more than happy if it runs cooler - I've never had to worry about over-heating even when pushed hard and then stationary - the temp gauge never really moves......if your concerned - many of the Norwegian GMCs had a roller blind retro fitted to the front rad - although be careful if you do limit the airflow that you don't forget and then go the other extream and have a boil-up!

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140 to 180 F is whats regarded as a normal operational range for most US trucks of the period but this can vary 75 years later depending on a number of mechanical factors.  Usually it's people have problems with too much heat with engines running @ 200 +.

  Have you got a thermostat in the system? it might also be worth testing the calibration of your gauge either by removing the unit from the head and dipping it into hot water alongside a thermometer or investing in a cheap infra red gun off e-bay this will let you compare head, top tank, core and lower tank temperatures so you can see the efficiency of your radiator, it also can help in looking for hot spots in the head, rad and block due to passage way blockages. 

It can also save burnt fingers when checking for dragging brakes or if the mind takes you setting up your hot water rads in the house useful £10 to £15 spent I think. 


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Hi Andrew

Peter is correct about the normal temperature ranges.  One of the thing that is often forgotten about having an engine running too colds is condensation inside the engine.  If the engine never gets up above 140-160F it will have a hard time getting rid of the condensation (water) or un-burned gas that is going collect which will in fairly short time building sludge in the engine.

That you have noticed an improvement in the truck's performance when you block off a little of the radiator says that it is happier as well.

Keep us posted on what you find.

Cheers Phil

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