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CVRT oil and lubes

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I know its been covered before I found the thread before but I cannot find it now when I want it ?  

CVRT Cummins engine oil 10/w/40    ?

gearbox ,idler wheels ,road wheels and final drives  10/w/40   ?

radiator   which collant/anti freeze 

grease ,any  ?

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8 hours ago, Chris Hall said:


OMD90 can be a semi or fully synthetic, severe duty oil intended for use in Diesel engines. It has a 10W30 viscosity grade and must meet or exceed API grade SG/CF-4 or ACEA grade A3/B3.

OLD is Oil Mineral Detergent, OX90 is synthetic.

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10w30 for everything that needs oil. some people do use 15W40 in the engine.- all oil sshoul be mineral oil. The cheapest way is a 20 litre drum of ebay for about £45.

Do not use semi synthetic or synthetic, especially in the gearbox.


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Specification: Def Stan 91-113/1.
Composition: Mineral oil and/or synthetic hydrocarbons with additives.
- SAE viscosity classification: 10W-30
- API performance, minimum: CF-4/SG or ACEA equivalent
- Viscosity at 100°C: 9.3â12.5 mm2/s(cSt)
- Viscosity apparent at â30°C, min: 3500 mPa.s(cP)
- Viscosity apparent at â20°C, max: 3500 mPa.s(cP)
- Pour point, max: â30°C

- Flash point, closed cup, min: 190°C

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what you need is Defstan 01-005 - it came up on the oil equivalent thread. This will tell you the NSN, MOD name and al the specs, including civvy equivalent.  It seems you now need to register with the Defstan people and you can find it through google.


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