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Dodge WC Paint colour

Chris C

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I know the question of olive drab paint colour has been asked before, however I couldn't find any suitable links or examples of the items spoken about in the other threads. 

As i am getting the chassis of the WC51 blasted in the not so distant future the colour of paint has rapidly become a prime thought in my mind the original green is definitely a green without any brown. 

Living the UK i am looking for a UK/Europe based supplier or a form of reference code for the media blasters to mix up, if there is such a thing.

If anyone has any advice on the matter or examples of the colour on their own vehicles it would certainly be of the utmost interest.

Kind regards, 


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What I did was take a sample of the closest colour to what I wanted off the original vehicle,  took it to my local Dulux who coulour matched it. That way you get new paint with  a hint of the vehicle having worked for a living. I use the Metalsheild mixed for me, then you get the best of the new without it looking 'Straight from Showroom. The paint can be sparayed , brushed or rollored. Remeber the military reasons for paint 1 Protect metal  2 Camoflage 3 Apperance. They can throw in a matting agent, so you do get an egshellish finish, but it much easier to clean

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