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18in Torpedo


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Well, in spite of not finishing the rebuild of the 21 inch 8-cylinder radial torpedo motor I seemed to acquired a second example...

This one is 18" in diameter and comprises of the motor, driveshaft and rear prop guards. It was lifted from the sea years ago and all the ferrous parts have corroded to dust, but the bronze castings are under the crud:

18in Torpedo drive train

Judging by the presence, design and material of the prop guards this one is likely to be a very early example and possibly an air-dropped variant - the kind of thing used by Coastal Command or hung under a Swordfish. Equally, it could have been from a destroyer or MTB and we do have the wreck of an MTB in Weymouth Bay.

I'm very unlikely to get the time to clean this one up and leaving it sitting on the drive is not going to happen, so I may be tempted to part with it - if there are any takers?

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8 minutes ago, Surveyor said:

Out of curiosity how long do these scans take, I appreciate depends on size of subject and environment dry land or underwater.


Very much depends on size, complexity and location.

This one took about 8 minutes to shoot the 224 images, 30 mins to sort and prepare for processing into 3D and then about a half day of computer time to actually process.

Underwater is an altogether different amount of time, varying from days to months to get the final result.

Can be done for less time, but compromise will always be accuracy, level of detail etc.

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