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Poor old Witham’s



It is so sad to see Witham’s on-line auctions. Gone is the interesting stuff. I have bought a few HGV trucks over the years and been very happy with them. 

Now since loosing the MOD contract the stuff they put on the web site is crap.  Old chain saws, lots of Chinese generators. Brightwells have a few snatch land rovers and some 90’s with incredibly low mileages but that’s it 

where is the heavy stuff going?

what also happened to the “Lots of assorted spare parts”

I suppose that the truth is now a days Military equipment is leased and at the end of its life it disappears. 

Contrast this with the Eastern European and Russian stuff of which there seems to be tons available. Though nowadays There isn’t much available that is complete  

I want to replace my old DAF with a GAZ 66 but I can’t find one that is complete and running. That isn’t in Siberia and won’t cost three times more than it’s worth to get customs and transport clearance  

I feel that civilian access to old heavy MV’s is probably drawing to a close. 

I have been looking at ex Local Authority gritters and snow ploughs as a route to 4x4 and 6x6 chassis cabs. It’s a mine field too. 

Also the new MOT rules are a further constriction as well as the 10 year rule on tyres.  

Im sad because as a lad I bought all my cars from Ruddington auctions including a run of Austin 1800 ex staff cars  they were dead cheap and very well looked after.

Now I use 4x4 trucks for my  business but new iveco/ unimogs are well beyond reach. 

 I suppose it’s a sign of the times.

in sadness 



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