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Ferret, Dingo, Saladin, Centurion and Saracen Books

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Hi guys. I’ve received another batch of brand new “In Detail” books and they are excellent – really enjoying them! The titles I’ve got are as follows:
The Saladin in Detail costs £17
The Dingo in Detail is £16
The Ferret in Detail costs £27
The Centurion in Detail Part 1 (Mk3, 5 and 6) costs £24
The Centurion in Detail Part 2 (Mk12, ARV, AVRE-165 +) costs £23

I also have a handful of Pat Ware’s top Ferret book, ‘The FV700 series in British Army Service’, at £69 and one copy of Bill Munro’s ‘Alvis Saracen Family’ at £35. Again, these are brand new.
All these prices exclude postage. If you’d like any copies or more info, please PM me or email
gg@motorcycleresults.com – and please do let me know which country you’re based in, so I can let you know the cost for postage too.
Any questions, do please give me a shout, cheers, Graham

Alvis Saracen Family - Bill Munro.jpg





In Detail Inside.jpg

Pat Ware Ferret Book.jpg


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