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RR B60 fitted in Vernon Generator Set

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Is there anyone who knows anything at all about the Vernon generator set that was apparently powered by the RR B60 Mk 5G or 5G/1 engine and / or the differences of the Mk 5G or 5G/1 from the more common Mk 5A engine. I'm asking because search as I might I can't find out anything apart from the Vernon generator being powered by the Mk5 or 5/1 engine. I don't even know if it was military.

Thanks for any replies in advance.



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You are right that the B60 Mk 5A is quite common. EMERs & Roll Royce publications give no key to the detail of a change of the final letter other than indicate it is an external feature change such as provision for generator, governor, PTO etc.

I have experience of the Mk 5F which was the engine fitted to FV1620 Hornet that had the mounting for 100A alternator rather than the dynamo versions. These engine were marked 5A but over-stamped 5F.

Mk 5K was fitted to the FV1622 that had a Type 589/1B iso-speed governor which was larger than the Type 556 used on some B60s that may have used a different letter again. 5K was also seen over-stamped on 5F.

I have now found the AP. Although the cover indicates Mk 5G much of the text is mistyped as Mk 50G. I can find no reference to a governor nor anything particularly remarkable. There is no mention of Mk 5G/1.

Predating NSN codification, the part numbers given are Rolls Royce & RAF Vocab sections, obviously not being for Army use there are no VAOS part numbers although there are some FV number cross-references.

Cross-referencing to the Simms or CAV generators show that it was fitted with the standard 24v 12A dynamo.

Working from serial numbers there appear to be only 66 such engines.

RR Spec  CL1843  14 off

RR Spec CL2574  52 off

It states they were fitted to 4F/2394 Trolley Electrical, Servicing & Starting 10/40 KW

Hope that helps a bit.

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Thanks for the info. As they say every little helps … although there is still a lot of mist surrounding the overall picture.

How much it mist it removes I don't know, but from the book 'In National Service' there were 308 B60 Mk 5G's made for the Vernon generating set and 105 B81 Mk 5G's made for the Vernon 50kVa generator set [and/or]  Petbow generator set. However no FV Nos are quoted so they may possibly not have been for the military.


Adrian Lewis

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