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G3L Rear seat ID


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If you compare the mounting position of your pillion seat with the pictures below, you will notice that the pillion seat on your W/NG is mounted further forward Ron! Think you will have to start searching for this Ariel version... 😕





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I have been jealously reading the above, very useful information,  and was wondering if anyone knows of a pillion seat for sale.  I’ve been looking for a while now and would like to fit one for the summer.  It’s for a Triumph 3HW and I’m not fussy about the condition.



tel 07800809725

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On 8/28/2019 at 3:59 PM, rewdco said:I have also found several examples of a slightly different version of this long ACUMEN pillion seat. There were always two holes for the spring brackets in the top frame. The "normal" version (as described above) uses the rear holes, whereas this slightly different version uses the front holes. The two rectangular cut-outs in the mudguard section are also 3/4" deeper, and the two reinforcing struts are a bit shorter. All these modifications make that the springs are mounted 3/4" further forward. 


After some research I have discovered that this alternative version of the long Acumen pillion seat was only used by Ariel. Apparently in order to move the pillion seat enough backwards to avoid contact with the tail bone, the springs came in contact with the Ariel carrier. Solution: put the springs a bit further forward... 


Schermafbeelding 2019-09-13 om 08.11.35.png

Hi Boys

Thank you very much for share this great information about WD Pillon Seats.

My 1944 Ariel WNG Registration Number C 5363724 is close to the bike can see in picture above.

I need reproduce the pillion seat , and need some measurements . Can help me? 

Look the letters in the pics below




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