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Austin K2Y ambulance

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better, short way to finnish

both Austins together, 

First drive after seven month restoration

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The one  cabinet is for the water tank the since lined one would be for(guess) bandages as zinc lined boxes were used to transport nothing in days gone by for the tropics,


There should be a leather (rubbing) strip on the lid(yet To do)First aid kit for driver and mate,

field dressings are a perfect fit in this lower section.


I do not have any details what should go in these cabinets.



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Hi there


me been picky again, for the door post mirrors they used the same brackets as the roof mounted mirrors,

and side screens were only fitted to the passenger side, from mid 1941 intermittently to the drivers side, then both sides from about the same time.

nice work thought.



early Austin with single side screen and mirrors.

I do not know if this was a duel panel, as later on but there is a change in the part number.



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