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Hi everybody,

I’ve joined the forum to get some help with our tent shown on the attached picture which we have used for a few private and public events. 

Unfortunately there are bits and pieces which are missing, broken as well as a few rips and thinning of the canvas and ropes.

I came across a link to this website where someone had posted a few pages of a ‘book of tentage’ for tents such as these, hence me signing up to this forum.

Does anybody know where we could get a full ‘book of tentage’ in order for us to make sure we have all of the parts and instructions to put up the tent (almost) as fast as the service men would have.

An updated or simpler version would also be handy for a group of 10+ people to decipher between us.

And as for the damage and wear of the tent.. are there any contacts for vintage tent repairers?

We have the tent in the Isle of Man so if it was to be brought to somewhere in the UK by ourselves then it would be via the ferry to either Heysham or Liverpool. Unless there is a company to which it could get shipped.

.. I have seen companies in the UK with tents just like ours, they look fab and tied up nice and neatly - whereas we’re still only getting the knack of this!!

Any other information which you think might help would be greatly appreciated 


Thank you!


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