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Weapon in 1986 FFR Land Rover

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I assume behind the driver for a weapon rack, the one I have has 2no 5.56mm rifle brackets, not what would be in at the time the vehicle was made.

The question I have what would have been fitted if any for a 1986 Land Rover

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The L85A1 or SA80 was accepted into service in the mid '80's - seen dates between '84 and '87 so the 5.56mm rifle rack would be right for a 1986 LR

Maybe someone on the forum can give a definitve date on the SA80 coming into use.....

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In 1984 I was attached to 2 L.I in B.A.O.R. The L85A1 was just coming to the unit then. The SLRs & SMGs were still retained in use. Until the units full holding strength was achieved. 

I left shortly after, so cannot attest as to how long the 'mix' was protracted for?

But as Most will know. The older weapons served on right through the First Gulf War. Also alongside the SA80.

I would say that the plan was to re-arm all the 'Teeth Arm's' such as Infantry Battalions. Before 2nd line & support Units had theirs issued.  That would be the normal practice.

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20 hours ago, DMC 7RU said:


This is the arrangement of the rifle clips and brackets for Rifle 7.62 mm L1A1 prior to removal under General Instruction No 3 dated January 1987.

The Higher mounted clips were for the SLR L1A1 Rifle. & the lower pair for the L2A3 SMG.

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15 hours ago, 2691H said:

I have a stock of new sa80 Land Rover rifle kits if required.

Is there a 'Shortage' of them then? I have a Bread Basket with about 50 sets. With various Adaptor brackets.

Best I dig them out, & start selling them on 'That' Auction site!...… ;) 

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