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May 2020, Chassis in primer. We had the chassis sandblasted and painted around five months ago now, the sandblaster's did do a nice job, but there were a few paint runs in it that we needed to ge

This weekend we managed to get the chassis into daylight to get some paint on it, hopefully soon we will start to put parts back on. 

Nothing too interesting at the moment! Cleaning original washers by hand and priming whilst waiting on parts. Thanks to The DT Guy for the advice.

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Late August 2020, we are waiting on a trolley being made so we can pull the chassis out into the open to spray it green, meanwhile in no particular order we are unwrapping parts and finally getting things in green. We would have hoped to have a rolling chassis sooner, but the Covid situation put us back a bit! We sheeted over the chassis and made our spray booth there.










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Hi Phil, I used patio cleaner in the end to clean the washers, there was about 80 altogether. once they had been soaked for a couple of hours I just washed them in water then used a wire brush then primered them.

Waiting on sleeving for the airlines at the moment which I hope will arrive this week.

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