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Wings and Wheels 10,11 August 2019... YES, COME over!

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With all the political campaigning going on all the time, I wanted to attempt the same for the Wings and Wheels event in Belgium.

I have been going there as a spectator for years, but over the past few years the number of vehicles coming from the other end of the channel has reduced...so here is an attempt to put the event back on the radar and hopefully get some more special MV's from the UK to the event....No, I am not in any way involved in the organisation of the event, I would just like to see some more vehicles from abroad.

The Wings and Wheels event is held in Ursel, Belgium, about halfway between Gent and Brugge, and close to the Oostende ferry. The show is held on a former NATO airfield and it's  a mix of Military vehicles, re-enactment, Militaria fair, but also classic cars and flypasts of planes.


August 10 & 11 2019

For those interested....have a look here:



entering the event is pretty cheap and Belgian hospitality and beer is always good.


So, If you are looking for a test-run for the XXXcorps event in September....this event is the show to do so!



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