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Four wheeled Saracen?


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I took my Saracen to a local village event yesterday, a chap came up to me who was an ex Saracen driver who had served in NI in the 80’s. He said that the Saracen he drove was adapted to have side doors (not the escape hatches) and that the middle axle was removed to accommodate these doors. I have never seen photos of such a Saracen, did they exist?

As an aside, as I was about to leave an American sounding lady came up to me and asked “is this a jeep” !

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1 hour ago, trophy160 said:

I have never seen photos of such a Saracen, did they exist?


I've seen one very similar to that.  My local scrappy had three tired Saracens he hauled off a range, I think in Ayrshire, when it was tidied up.  One of them just had four wheels with the centre station on each side blanked off.  He was told it was the main observation vehicle for the range and a lot more mobile than a standard one.  As I remember it had standard rear doors though.

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I have had various people argue with me and be very assertive that as they were older they knew what they are talking about. I guess as I owned a Humber Pig at 21 years old it somehow got peoples back up! 

I had many classics said to me:

"..course, it's based on a Land Rover...". Er, no, not at all.

"Ah, a saracen, I drove these..". Excuse me, its actually a Humber Pig.. "What the F@@@ do you know, boy?". How charming some people are!

"I had one, mine weighed over 10 tonnes as was uparmoured". Really? Was it full of scrap steel and bags of ballast?

"I drove one of these in Iraq" I guess he was lost and took the wrong turn at the Antrim lights?

"Of course, this isn't a real one". No, it is total fantasy and I made it from plywood! 

Saying that, I had the same with most vehicles.

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Perhaps there should be another post on useful terms heard when buying a vehicle;

1} They all make that noise.

2} They make them like that.

3} This should be in a museum it is so rare.

4} Vickers didn't make their machine gun mountings the same, they all differ....



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