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On 6/15/2019 at 11:04 AM, bassetts said:

Sorry not military but may be of interest to some of you ?


Hi Bassets,

Sorry your post seems to have been met with a deafening silence! The military did use Fergies - we had one which was used for moving drawbar trailers around the site. From memory, I think that ours - 00EX28 - was an MF20. I well remember driving it on the public road on a pissing wet day with only a pair of goggles swiped off the workshops bench grinder to keep the rain out of my eyes. 20 MPH flat out on the hand throttle - it bounced too much for me to keep my foot hard to the floor on the accelerator pedal! Interesting trip looking out for passing traffic with no rear view mirror whilst avoiding puddles - no front mudguards meant getting a facefull of dirty water. It was fitted with a slam hook on the front with a concrete block for added weight. If you lined it up with the drawbar, selected low ratio first, it moved so slowly you could hold up the drawbar and hook it on when the tractor lined up and still have time to jump onto the seat and put in the clutch before it stalled.






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