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White Scout Car in British use, NWE 1944

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Hi Adrian,

thanks for the feedback, we've got the RA insignia on the Passenger side but Packhow and I of differing opinions on the Divisional markings on the Drivers side. It's an oblique angle so difficult to see, Packhow thinks in 43rd Wessex but I'm more inclined to think Canadian 4th Armoured Division. Care to Hazard a guess?


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Since selling my Ferret and acquiring a M3A1 Scout Car, I haven't been on this forum for a while but have found my way to this thread via the G503 Forum.  The photo of the Scout Car having a unit sign of 43 was also posted on the M3A1 Facebook page where I posted my thoughts on this.   I’m going to suggest 2nd Canadian Field Regiment (Artillery) of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division.  From 1939 to 1943 - Training in the U.K. July 1943 - Sicily.  1943 to January 1945 in Italy.  They were in Holland, post January 1945.  In the Facebook post/thread, I believe that the member here going by the user name of Old Git stated the photo was dated May 1945.  This would also help to support my thoughts on this.   The reason for my suggestion as follows.

  • In the photo, the two soldiers in the Scout Car definitely have a cap badge that is in the shape of a Commonwealth Artillery Cap Badge.
  • In the photo, on the driver’s right fender, there is a unit sign.  The number 43 over the typical unit sign rectangular base that has a dark coloured top and light coloured bottom.  From https://www.canadiansoldiers.com/vehicles/markings/unitsignsinfantryunits.htm, one of the choices would be 2nd Canadian Field Regiment (Artillery) with red top and blue bottom back on the unit sign.
  • From the photo, on the driver’s left fender, there is a formation sign.  It appears to be a maple leaf over a dark coloured base.  From https://www.canadiansoldiers.com/vehicles/markings/formationsigns.htm, one of the choices would be 1st Canadian infantry Division.  A gold maple leaf over a red background.
  • Research on the internet suggests that red appears darker than blue in black and white photographs. 
  • With the dark shade being common to both the unit and division sign and assuming the dark shade being red as per the info I found on the internet, this strongly suggests the photo being of a Scout Car in service with the 2nd Canadian Field Regiment (Artillery) of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division in Holland.

If my analysis is correct, this is a nice and rare photograph of the M3A1 Scout Car in Canadian service during WWII.

cap badge.jpg

unit sign.jpg

divisional sign.jpg

3rd Battery, Battery Commander.jpg

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1 hour ago, Packhow75 said:

Pretty sure there is someone on the Maple Leaf Up forum at the moment asking for Photos of WSC in Canadian service.

Not you by any chance?



No, not me, but I have seen the post on MLU.  I'm slowly working on making my Scout Car look like one that would have been used by the Governor General's Horse Guard in Italy for Recce/Assault Troop use.  They were issued with British M3A1's that were used in North Africa.  Have built and installed antenna mounts on the back and now working on an interior stand for a 19 wireless set.  Some pics attached from Remembrance Day a few weeks back. 



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3 minutes ago, armoured_smiler said:

or is it 179th Field Regiment?

Pretty sure the driver's/vehicle's left fender has a 1st Canadian Divisional sign on it.  Others have suggested the same thing making it a Scout Car serving with the Royal Canadian Artillery.

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I'm guessing you didn't look at page one of this thread before you posted these, otherwise you'd have seen that these have already been posted. In fact I'd hazard a guess that you got them from this thread originally, as the last image is not part of the Airborne configs, but comes from a wartime pamp on standard WS  19 installs, ..... and you uploaded them in the same order you apparently saved them in. 😉

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Another quick question, or request for opinions.

In the drawing shown right above the stowage box between drive and passenger seats appears to have been removed and replaced by the standard battery carrier. Just wondering if anyone knows if they did indeed just remove the stowage box completely or if they only removed the lid and inserted the battery carrier inside.

I know the drawing shows it as completely gone but I find myself wondering if this was just to show the setup rather than 100% accurate to how it was done. Surely the existing storage box would have offered a good receptacle for the batteries if they'd simply removed the lid. Just wondering how they kept rain of the battery boxes? I do know the boxes were made of wood but it seems to be that they at least needed a canvas cover or some sort of protection and the pre-existing stowage box would seem to offer that. Perhaps the difference in dims between stowage box and battery carrier did not allow for it? Anyone got any ideas? 

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Thanks for that Adrian, I guess if it was that shallow then it was probably just a lot easier to remove it and replace with the battery carrier. Might be an idea to find out what the actual dims of the box are. Will ask on the FB group.


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