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3HW Dynamo, now working - I think?

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I think I have been led up the garden path!
After taking my Lucas dynamo to bits yesterday, and not finding anything visibly wrong.
Then after getting more or less the right readings for the coil and armature on my multi meter, I thought I would reassemble it and give it a spin.
So following the directions of a youtube vid (in Italian), with subtitles, I bridged the two output terminals, connected one lead off the meter to the bridge and the other to the dynamo body, set the meter to 20v and spun the thing up. Result a reading of between 6.7 & 7.4v and apparently a working dynamo, unless I'm wrong again.
Moral to this story, if there is a simple test you can do just to confirm an 'expert's' diagnosis, do it first, before you disassemble your unit.
Need to change the ball race though.
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