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CVRT G/Box oil leak

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We have a Scorp CVRT in the fleet that has an oil leak originating from the gearbox?. The thing is the disc on the box seems

clean of oil on the gearbox side but wet on the outer side, would this be correct for an oil leak to show up from, maybe a worn outer gearbox

seal?, or is this oil being picked up from the bottom and flung onto this face? The oil level is going down in the gearbox and NOT the final drive.

I would be interested in any ideas out there as to the source of the leak. We have cleaned the area effected, but have yet to do a more extensive

road test to properly identify the source of the leak. Cheers Andrew.

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Thanks to Richard I've just replaced the two outer seals on my CVRT Gearbox, there is also a slotted nut and behind that a washer, which has two seals, a rubber O ring and a flat rubber washer, both can also be a source of a leak as well as a loose slotted nut. Theses seals are also set in a removable housing held by machine screws, again the face of the housing can also be a source of a leak, I uses RTV silicon to seal the housing,

If you replace the seals use Viton seals, also worth doing the two seals in related to the clutch, one inside the clutch and the other on the gearbox.



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