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Respect for MVs


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I took my Saracen to a local car show yesterday, afterwards I parked it for an hour or so on the grass verge opposite my house. It’s not uncommon for people to slow or stop to take a closer look. But we noticed there was a stopped car and people starting to climb on it. Next someone was climbing into the turret hatch. My wife crossed over the road and asked them if it was OK to climb on the roof of their car. Embarrassed they said they didn’t mean any offence etc. 

It is sometimes the same at shows, I will allow young children to take a look inside when their parents are with them. But the next minute there will be a load of uninvited larger children inside pulling and prodding things. Perhaps you might say this is to be expected, but what I don’t expect is for their parents to be standing by watching without a word to their offspring warning that they should respect other people’s property. 

I’ve spent a lot of time and money restoring my vehicle and expect people to respect that, perhaps in this day and age I’m being unrealistic! 

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Very few children are taught respect these days. Respect for other people and respect for other people's property. A Jeep parked at a show is fair game as there are no doors to stop anyone climbing in ( apparently ), but I've seen people open the doors of a friends staff car and climb in for a picture.

I don't let anyone in my vehicles, unless they are mature and show a genuine interest, and then only if there aren't hoards of people watching who will take that as a sign that it is a free for all.

From a young age, I've made sure my daughter doesn't wander onto the neighbours lawn while playing on ours. It doesn't belong to us and therefore unless invited, we keep off.

Door to door leaflet droppers annoy me too, when they bung crap through my door and then walk across my lawn, right in front of my lounge window to the neighbours door, because they are too lazy and disrespectful to walk back down the drive.

........and breathe!!!

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36 minutes ago, trophy160 said:

perhaps in this day and age I’m being unrealistic! 

Unfortunately you are. 

11 minutes ago, Jessie The Jeep said:

I've seen people open the doors or a friends staff car and climb in for a picture.

Even worse than using the car for a photo shot, last year at a show, an owner told me that he found picnicers in his car. 

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Its not just children but a modern "me" entitlement.

I remember one NI vet opened the driver's door of my Pig climbed in & sat messing around with all the instruments. I did hint that I hadn't invited him in to do so, he felt no shame & carried on telling by me "I know all about these mate, used them in Ireland, the good old Sarrycan" :(

It took quite a bit of conversational leverage to extricate this rude person, who clearly felt an unashamed & statutory entitlement of unlimited access on the basis that he had apparently served in such a vehicle.

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