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Replacement CVRT Lubrication Hose

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I recently wanted to renew a CVRT gearbox lubrication hose that was unavailable. After contacting Hoseman (Paul) on this forum he found a suitable replacement fitting and made up the new hose for me at a very reasonable cost.

I know he has now bought all the spare 1 1/8 UNF hose ends in the UK, so if you want a CVRT hose remaking or renewed or a hose for any other vehcile this is the person you need to contact.






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Thanks You Diana.

The fittings took some finding and ended up going to the sole MOD manufacturer, who only had a few left in stock. If the demand for sets or individual hoses is there for the CVRT and derivatives, I am looking at getting the ends made. 

As a pattern, I would need the old hose at first. 

As for other vehicles, if you PM me or even better, email me on


See what I can do. If any clubs or societies want to pool their resources and see about getting sets made up to patterns. 


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Yes, it’s the ends that are the problem. 

I can make these with enough orders and all are pressure tested afterwards to be sure (1.5 X working pressure)

had a look at friends Sabre last night to check their exact locations on gearbox / engine etc. 

His were all frayed and cracked, so first set ordered before it goes to Catterick!

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1 hour ago, Hoseman said:

Yeah, they still available you get stuck. Be careful reusing fittings over and over again because of the ‘tail crush’. It weakens the crimp and makes the assembly’s unsafe. 

Thanks for explaining that, I always thought the local Pirtek were just being awkward when refusing to reuse fittings.  Strangely they have no problem with substituting a compression fitting. 

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Ah yes, Pirtek . . .lol

i was senior engineer for them here in North West for 10 years. They not doing it out of the goodness of their own hearts, trust me. You CAN re use some fittings, just need to be careful. We re end hoses and re use if we need to, anything to get the customer up and running. Compression fittings are different if you cutting the steel tube back to good metal. 


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