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Looking for a project 432 or CVRT

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Hi Matthew,

What in your eyes constitutes a project and how much are you looking to spend?

Anything with a turret is going to be expensive. Marcus Glenn has some Scorpions in stock.

I know of a Samson that may be for sale, all there but needs putting together. 


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Hi Chris,

What in my eye's constitutes a project - difficult to say in a few words. Basically all i've seen for sale currently are vehicles for 18K+ that are mechanically very good, freshly painted etc. I don't have 18K in one lump to spend currently, otherwise i'd start there.

I'm after something that i can buy and stand some chance of getting up together and drivable under its own power, just for ease of storage / moving it around fairly quickly. I'm used to working on lighter vehicles, but my brother in law owns a roadway company with a lot of heavy plant, so i can call on him for transport, storage, heavy lifting kit, etc.

I'm not looking for anything with a turret, just because i know it will be out of my budget. I'm looking for a way in, that i can afford now and that i can spend money on over time to bring up to standard. The end goal would be to own something that i can enjoy on farmland and on odd occasions take to the local shows. To this end i'd like something that is road registered or that can be registered. 

When all is said and done, i'm coming at this with a crazy burning desire to own something like a 432 or a CVRT and i'm looking for a way i can afford to do so.

Your help and advise is much appreciated!

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