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Hi I've researched British army rations a bit I have found some menus for a few ration packs if people are interested.

one thing has passed me by there was a trial Ration pack I guess around the 70's or early 80's that was designed for 2 men using a "buddy system" I have a photo from a book, (Survival by Len Cacutt page 152) on the ration box it says:




The ration itself seem to be mostly a  mixture of civvy shop bought items mixed with a few Army style packets  i.e. there are small tins of veg,  fruit, spam, a packet of  noodles, but then those familiar to older squaddies green tubes of margarine or condensed milk. does anyone have any more info or experience with this particular ration?


2 man ration pack.jpg

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'G.T' means 'Gurkha Troops', so it's a ration which was produced specifically to cater for the tastes and possibly the religious requirements of Gurkhas, presumably serving with the British Army going by the box and some of the contents which are similar to those supplied in British Army 24-hour ration packs of the 1960s and 1970s.

Beyond that I'm afraid that I don't know anything about the pack.

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