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Odd DPM Trousers, no pockets...


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Hi I'm new to the forum Still figuring out how to do Photos.

I recently bought some old DPM trousers from a charity shop, but they seem to have slightly different features.

The label says:

"TROUSERS COMBAT, Temperate DPM, CG8415-99-978-7484

SIZE 80/36/112

J Compton sons & Webb Ltd  34


They feel like quite heavy Cotton Modal fabric, I don't believe they are  84 or 64 pattern trousers, the camo is fairly standard with the old style DPM dotted shading,  perhaps more in the yellow spectrum. 

It has standard fold flat  thigh pockets, hip pockets, and 1980's sew on buttons, a plastic "opti" zip fly,  and sewn in ties at the ankle.

The inside of the fabric is like a geeny Kakhi the camo pattern is only just visible, everything about them say "Late 80's" (i.e. post-64 pattern pre-84 pattern) 

Then the odd bits.

No rear pockets at all, no evidence there ever were (i.e. no stitch marks).

as well as Buttoned beltloops bthat will take a 58" belt, it has  A pajama type tie cord  like from tropical trousers which I didn't think should be in this style of combats. 

My thoughts have been because of the lack of rear pocket, perhaps these were designed for a driver or pilot of some sort? or are they just modified? or perhaps a heavy weight tropical version? or possibly foreign isse?

any ideas? Cheers




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hi Webkitlover,

A friend has just asked me about a combat uniform that he has come across and asked if it could be identified. I asked about a label inside and has not not checked, but the is a Union Jack flag sewn on to one arm. The attached photo shows it on the upper left arm. He said the trousers had a drawstring around the waist. The colour and camo pattern is unusual, and with the flag I assume it was worn by someone in UK Forces. It sounds similar to what you are describing.

regards, Richard

unknown uniform.jpg

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