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Amal carb rebuilders

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I have a pair of Amal 76/187's from BSA's 1938 350cc B.24, 25 and 26, both of which need parts and rebuilding. Does  anyone know of anyone in the UK that rebuilds these carbs? I'd like to keep these because they have the vertical stud pattern and the reproduction carbs have the horizontal stud pattern and I 'd rather not use and adaptor and keep as much period original on the bike. They were found in a basket case 1938 BMW R12 project I have.



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Best to go straight to Martyn Bratby on 01543 572583.

Amal won't refurb your carb. They will sell you new parts or a complete new modern carb. Surrey Cycles and Hitchcocks are selling new Amal products too.


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Hello John, the carb is a 6/187 I believe, (I can't get close enough to check the number) when I found the bike it had a standard carb with horizontal fixing holes using an adaptor plate which looked awful so I bought a vertical fixing carb off ebay which looks and work great.

Never quite understood why BSA used the horizontal carb on these models, maybe because they were early OHV engines and room for the cables under the tank was an issue.

Float level is also very important mine runs best with slightly lower level.

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Was the horizontal carb to avoid fowling the magdyno? Some makers used a long throat carb to get past the magdyno. 

For instance when BSA converted the standard coil ignition C11 to magdyno for the military version for the India office, They swaped the carb for a horizontal type, simply because the standard carb wouldn't fit any more. Ron 

C10 C11 002.jpg

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Forgive me John, I might be missing something here!  Does the carb sit in the standard vertical position, but with a vertical stud pattern? I initially thought you were talking about the horizontal carb like this one.......And why two carbs? Ron   


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1 hour ago, matchlesswdg3 said:

4 cables?  Choke, throttle, timing and decompression?  Normally.

Hi Ferg,

I think John is referring to two choke cables and how to operate them together. From his initial post these are for a 1938 BMW project.

regards, Richard

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Thanks Colin, that's exactly what I need.

I do not want to upset people but Amals (6/406 & 6/407) were the original equipment on the twin carb R12's - see picture. They are very expensive to buy (£2k+) and the 76/187's from the BSA 1938 350cc B.24, 25 and 26 are a vertical pattern bolt holes that fir the R12 cylinders. They came with box of bits that was the project and I'd like to believe someone swapped the old Amals (which I've been told were not very good) for a set of war time BSA carbs.

Does this make the bike a BSAMW?

s-l1600 3.jpg

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