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Panther found in Ukraine?

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I see a final drive sprocket wheel. How much remains of the rest of the vehicle I wonder? The advert appears to say that the turret is off the vehicle...so an internal ammunition explosion? Could have made quite a mess of the interior, not to mention the crew.

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On 1/20/2019 at 8:59 PM, Pzkpfw-e said:

One wonders what the law is in the Ukraine, re exporting of stuff like this?

highly unlikely to get out of the country without paying some 'fees' at the border!

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I wonder if the Panther is on the 'Russian'/separatist or Ukrainian side of the conflict border. A price in Euro makes me think that it could be in the western zone. Not sure who would be easier to negotiate with - the authorities in Kiev or big brother Bear! I guess it would make UK planning permission looks like child's play and a damn sight cheaper.

Of course, the 'powers to be' might be watching as they do all of the hard work and them swoop in and confiscate 'war-like' materiel. Perhaps the local authorities will end up claiming the remains as a national treasure or even used as a memorial. Just so long as it is saved from the scrap man.

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6 hours ago, Enigma said:

Yep, its sitting ON the Gold Train...

LOL, dig down a few more feet and BAM, Gold Train

say what you guys want will but i liked the Gold train thing, it was fun and I got a great bargain on  all that earth moving equipment, it was FREE :) 

Any news on this panther yet, any internet super sleuths here? I saw it first on the A10 resto FB page, which i'm sure is a member here.

Another panther would be great, but if i understand it it's posted on a German version of Craigslist, which is an odd place for a 3 million Euro tank, and it's been pulled

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