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Land Rover FFR


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Been trawling through pictures on line, there seems to be a range of different layouts, including one which seems to have the "man pack" fitted. does any one have an idea if there were variants from the hand book?

Think I may end up deciding on what looks right for me, not wanting it to be operational just look as though I know what I am doing

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Most pictures & descriptions for Clansman installations in Rovers are for Series Rovers not TUL/TUM.  Traditionally the layout for a radio installation in a Rover was not in EMER WHEELED VEHICLES nor EMER TELECOMMUNICATIONS but in EMER COMMUNICATION INSTALLATIONS.

The Series Rovers were covered in sections M 050-059 to M 740-749

But the Clansman installations in TUL & TUM were Army Coded publications, below is the majority of them as at 1999.


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I have finally decided on the layout I am going for, taken from Army Code 61590 “Clansman Radio Installation for Trucks” pictured below, looking around will gradually collect the bits I need before starting to assemble.


There are a few questions as I am not a radio person and was hoping members could help.

1.       I assume there are bolt holes etc to fix the parts to the rack, what size are these bolts

2.       Regarding the RT 353 and DMU unit how are these fixed to the table

3.       The RT 320 unit appears to have a plate which seems to fit on the radio and then onto the racking or the rucksack frame, is this correct?

4.       I have noticed some set ups have a lamp over the area would this be normal?

5.       I am assuming there would be a screen between the driver’s section and the radio section, is this made up or an issued part?

Any other advice would be appreciated.



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Manged to get the kit and have most of it in the back only cabling to do

After I started found out needed 1 more 3 way distribution box and a side Dexion rack, these now obtained but still to be fitted.

Have to say quite pleased with myself as no training on these


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I have eventually got all the kit in and at present running cables, I have come across a question, looking at the cable from the RCU to the RT320, this cable appears to be a7 Pin F 5Pin M to a jack which fits where the antenna would be if used as a portable radio.

Am i correct 

Thanks in advance




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I accept you are doing this installation from documents but speaking as an operator I would be swapping the 320 and 351 around. As shown the 320 would be a right pain to set up and adjust because of control access and visibility. The 351 is designed to be adjusted from above, so to speak, whereas with the 320 you need to be looking at it from the front.

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Went to my Clansman supplier and he advises he hasn't come across the cable from the RCU to the top of the RT 320 as the diagram, will have to wait to the weekend to check number of pins on RCU as think wrote ARFAT ones down. maybe that will give a clue, the wiring diagram does not number these cables which doesn't help

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Not sure about RCU but that looks awfully like a "Crew Box 2 Set"  in which case there will be two sockets on the bottom labelled Audio which are logically enough for head/handsets. 

The two 12 way connectors, assuming there is one on the other side, are labelled Harness and are used for daisy-chaining  crew boxes and the IB2 or IB3 interface box. Also things like the Commanders Box. I believe in armoured vehicles the daisy chain was taken back to the IB box so as to create a harness ring main, giving some redundancy in case of damage.



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