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Mystery Object No. 203

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1 hour ago, Ex-boy said:

Having just come online and found this new question, my first impression was of some kind of lighting installation. Is that getting warm?


"Is that getting warm?" Very good Steve although it is, it is not lighting related.

This incidentally is a thermal image.

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50 minutes ago, Richard Farrant said:


As you refered to TV and lack of entertainment, is this object of heat part of a television set by any chance?

Richard not a TV set.

I'll have to go onto the PC & find a slightly bigger view to see if it helps.

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1 minute ago, wally dugan said:

is it a vehicle generator panel

Well done Wally yes it is indeed Gen Panel No.2 Mk 1

The heat is coming from the carbon pile regulators & in this instance mostly from the lower one which is voltage the upper being the current.



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