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W D Broad Arrow


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The circle piece around the filler cap is pretty well pure fiction. A couple of us started it years ago by refining the rough shaped piece of canvas that a DR had fitted to his tank to obviously mop up the drips. Seen in an old B&W picture taken during the war.(16H from memory) I think I have that picture somewhere and I'll post it when I find it.

As more blokes have taken to doing it, we jokingly refer to them being a fully paid up member of the 'Ring Piece Club'

Frank Brown has even added it to the motorcycle canvas parts he makes (email him for pictures :- ................    pegasus-drive@sky.com)

I see that he is adding a date and broad arrow........I hope it doesn't turn into a folk law myth. Ron





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41 minutes ago, ferretfixer said:

Just a snippet of information. The Correct term for the WD Arrow is a 'Pheon'.

As we live in a sad politicly correct age now, I thought that might be 'Appropriate' (?)...😁

Although the quoted Wiki article disagrees:

"The broad arrow as a heraldic device comprises a tang with two converging blades, or barbs. When these barbs are engrailed on their inner edges, the device may be termed a pheon. Woodward's Treatise on Heraldry: British and Foreign with English and French Glossaries (1892), makes the following distinction: "A BROAD ARROW and a PHEON are represented similarly, except that the Pheon has its inner edges jagged, or engrailed."[1] Parker's Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry (1894) likewise states, "A broad arrow differs somewhat... and resembles a pheon, except in the omission of the jagged edge on the inside of the barbs."

Not sure whether that's 'politically correct' or not, but seems to simply be 'correct'... 😉

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Graham you will need one to be a member of 'Ring Piece Club'!!!

Mine's been on my M20 for 10-12 years now. I got a lady to sew some blanket stitching around the edge. No date or broad arrow! The myth is escalating.😕

Ironically my filler cap with the new leather seal I fitted years ago doesn't leak anyway.  Ron 


M20 310.JPG

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There should be a badge for the 'Ring Piece Club', not sure where I would wear it though!  ;)   As you are the founding member I will collect my badge form you at next year's Netley.   All this is making me want to get on the bike and have a ride up here in sunny Lancashire.  Cheers.

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12 hours ago, bigduke6 said:

Even molded in to the Bricks at the Forte in Corfu, either to stop Squadies selling them to the locals or the locals helping themselves ...

They were part of a walkway and stapes that I stumbled upon when searching for the Toilet.


Poor Brick laying skills there Dukie! LOL.

They should all be pointing the same way. Adding a Benefit of pointing 'The  Way In'!  :)

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