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In between doing odd jobs around my house and re-upholstering his dinning room chairs , my dads been trying various pot of green paint. I like this shade we tried on the petrol tank (think its too light tho)..... jury still out lol

tin sign 007.jpg

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It certainly looks correct for the German car club, not sure which period though, but looks to be the modern type . They have a website which can be translated to english.



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Well despite the down pour today we decided to take the body off. The bolts holding it down were already off so we hooked a set of chains and hooks to it.

.As space was tight,we had to work round the trailers .We pulled the Munga under the hoist with the willys (the tow rope going under the trailer in the way,it was then hoisted up and after juggling it around the gear stick the body was finally balancing in mid air.

For the time being , we have put it on the top of the M416 trailer so we can still move it around until it goes to the blasters.

As can be seen in the pics, the body is in very good condition as is the chassis. (sun decided to come out when we had finished)......:coffee:

Munga body (may 09) 002.jpg

Munga body (may 09) 004.jpg

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Hi, I will try and find some track rod ends. Brake master is rocking horse poo, but you can get a recon kit. The cost of posting the tow hook is about £40, so I will see if I can find a cheaper way to get it to you. I think the spare rad I have is servicable, just need to pressure test it.

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