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Another J Type on the way !

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10 minutes ago, Tomo.T said:

I need to find some old style gaskets for these which I hope will take up any slight discrepancies. The originals were asbestos, with thin brass foil each side, so I need to find  suitable replacements, in more socially acceptable material. Anyone have any suggestions please  ?

Try E Dobson &Co., Keighley. 

They made the copper non-asbestos gaskets for my Karrier (and numerous other projects).

Just send them an old gasket to copy (in a self-sealing polythene bag) or knock out a paper template.

Quick turnaround and very reasonable on price (or at least I thought so).


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It's  been a long time coming, but build up day finaly arrived and we had a pile of bits waiting to go. Fitting the pistons was straight forward enough, remembering to stick the base gaskets down

Some progress has occured in the diff casing department. After a thorough clean up with celulose thinners, two coats of 'Glyptal' insulating paint were applied to the inner surfaces.  The r

The oil pump has been reinstated after a last minute rescue by Mike and Stan. I won't go into details, it is far too distressing. Suffice to say it is back in place and working well. Also f

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Here are some further hi def pics from Stan.

The spark plug towers are the originals,  except one, which was replaced by Mike Lewendon. The three originals were cleaned up by hand and young Ben Lewendon took on the locking rings and made a good job of them ! Cheers Ben.


The exhaust valve caps are beyond repair and Mike is on the case with some replacements.

Oil level gauge and breather are back on.


Plus Rosso's oil pressure regulator. Looking good Dave !         T.B.C.



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Posted (edited)

The oil pump has been reinstated after a last minute rescue by Mike and Stan. I won't go into details, it is far too distressing. Suffice to say it is back in place and working well.


Also fitted up the primer tank for extra bling.


The mag platform appears to support only the outer fixing holes, which I find rather odd, but it must have worked ok like that ?



Next step is to get the sump and timing cover fitted , which will require some more nuts and bolts, usable originals are running low. Also have been running on vapour financially and need to get some work underway, so progress is at a halt for the moment.










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Thanks guys, I have one already which is much the same, and even has Thornycroft  on it, but they are both next generation items and not quite right for a J.  Having said that, I will probably use it unless I find a proper one.

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The opportunity was grasped to fit the mighty Simms.( Pics by Shaun.)


Regular readers may remember this magneto came with the engine from Australia and was paired up with the lucky find of an impulse coupling or 'clicker'.


This clever bit of kit holds the mag still against a spring whilst the engine is turned, then releases it just before ignition is due. The armature then spins round creating a much bigger spark than would otherwise occur, with the feeble efforts of the decrepit old fool on the starting handle. 


The SR4 X is really a product of the late 20's, but has the benefit of progress in development, and it fits ! However, some work will have to be done to match up the drive  couplings, which don't. The mag had a thorough strip down and clean and is now a 'belter' in every sense of the word, producing a big fat blue spark at the slightest provocation.

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Nice looking magneto there, Tomo.  And the SR4X seems to be a pretty popular on ebay.

Yours seems to have good caps also.  I want to get mine sorted soon as I believe there is a quite a wait on getting them serviced/repaired.  Out of interest, did it come with the caps, or did you have to source them separately?

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Thanks Dave, I had to source a cap, mine (typically) had a broken tower. I picked up two on eBay, one of which fitted !

Incidentally they clean up best with an application of brown boot polish !

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