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Rolls Royce Armoured Car


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Thanks for all the great advice. Until I can determine  what the axle is ( not a Bedford J1 apparently) I can't get hubs so I  can't   go forward  with wheels.

 Anybody gor a suitable front axle with hubs for sale or recognise this one with the missing brake hubs?

Thanks again




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Thanks  for replying. They are very similar but different.  The recessed casting on mine is different  - possibly from a  lighter bedford of the same time.    The dimensions from the spring mounts look shorter on mine too - unfortunately.

The width between the tyres on her now is the same as on my Vauxhall/Nissan/Renault  van. 

If anyone knows on a cheap axle I can try I'll have a go,






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15 hours ago, jason1968 said:

Ferguson T20 wheels are six stud as I am looking for a pair!!

Sorry - yes they are  6 stud. I've got mine on land rover wheels. I still have a pair of originals on an old vineyard 32.  You can still get  new Fergie front wheels/tyres  very cheap. 

The ones on ebay seem to be smaller (that  I need)  front wheels.. 


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