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company that does an adapter to change brake pipe sizes


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21 hours ago, Delboy said:

Don't use compression fittings with olives, not suitable for brakes will fail an MOT.

Obviously - a double-lap flare is best on a pressure pipe,  seems he is fitting a remote intensifier / servo , possibly with a remote reservoir where the feed pipe would be just static head.  ?

You can soon find the minimum bursting pressure for Bundy and Kunifer + any quality branded pipe or fitting , not so easy to find the vehicle max. braking operating pressure.

I am uncertain what the MOT situation actually is ,  abt. 5 years ago a MOT examiner actually suggested and gave the OK for me to use a straight connector with a new length of pipe from front offise slave cylinder on a S2A Land Rover. This was to save a load of work and hassle as it is a long complex shaped pipe going by way of IIRC cross member near bellhousing.   I decided to take the best option of a full new length of  Cupro Nickel pipe.


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