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Now it seems to me that this MV stuff is rather addictive :shock:


On the remembrance day road run on Sunday down here in Dorset we had a couple of outriders with us and they did a wonderful job of holding back the traffic.


Now I used to ride super bikes (well they were in their day) you know the ones that you could put up on the back wheel and ride on down the high street with just a blip of the throttle and usually with the good lady riding pillion :shock:


Anyway, children came along and time to grow up so the bike went :cry: I have been wanting an excuse to get back on one for a long time but never really had any reason as these things are without doubt, deadly!



So now, I think I have find the perfect compromise.............to ride out as out/dispatch rider 8) :D

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Hey Jack my Honda despatch bike is red at the moment, do ya want to make me an offer before I spray it :D



..........my friend suggested a Honda C50 step through :twisted: some people just don't get it :shock:

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