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Hi Colin,

I've not imported vehicles from Norway, but I have from the US, and would have thought the process is much the same.

When you import your vehicle you will need to notify HMRC and pay any duties (usually a percentage of the fully 'landed' cost i.e. purchase price, transit insurance, and shipping). If you're transporting the Dodge yourself then it may only be the purchase price. Once the duty has been paid HMRC will issue a 'NOVA', you then need to get the Dodge MoT'd and send off the NOVA and MoT to the DVLA who will provide an age related registration and the V5. Until then most insurers will allow you to insure against the chassis number.

I hope that helps.


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I don't think Norway is in the EU. I think you will be taxed at 5% of vehicle and shipping.

You need to talk to a shipping agent they will do the paper work and sort the tax and they don't cost that much. Also if it gets stopped they can sort it out.


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Norway is not a part of the EU so you will have to pay tax. 
Furthermore make sure that you have the right export permit on the Dodge, since it is a historic military vehicle, it will require a permit from the Defense museum and the Foreign Office/Ministry.

It is not a problem to get these (it is the sellers job) on something like a dodge, but the processing time can be a bit long. 

They had an incident where one creatively exporting some of the Volvo tracked personal carriers to Africa, so I would not try and circumvent the correct papers.   

I have imported two vehicles from Norway to Denmark a couple of years ago

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