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CVRT Generator problem


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I've recently removed the bulkhead on the Scorpion and when it was reinstalled the generator light on the master switch unit does not go out.  The light on driver's instrument panel does and the relay that cuts in at the beginning in the control box on the bulkhead can be heard.  I don't think that I have disturbed anything and all the plugs appear to be correctly connected.

Is there a way that I can put a multimeter anywhere to establish charging or does anyone have any ideas why the problem has arisen?

Many thanks


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When running, the Lamp WILL glow at half brilliance, it states that in the electrical manual.  Extremely important that your batteries are very good condition, and BOTH of them. You can isolate the turret side by turning that master switch off, in the turret and so that will have no bearing on the operation of the running and generating system. I spent two days trying to find a fault that did not exist, all because one battery was crook! Cheers Andrew.

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