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CVRT break downs


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Thought this could be a good topic . 
What have you broken down from in the past ? How did you fix it ? and did you get stranded ,how did you get it back or did you fix it and carry on . 

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Only had 5 breakdowns in 30+ years of cvrt road use;

toothed fan belt broke; slipped spare one which is always kept lockwired in place, on at side of road-1/2 hour and a spanner.

road wheel shed its rubber-middle one so not crucial-other one on axle good, so carried on.

brake pad friction material fell off metal back  plate-fitted new one at side of road

Diesel filter unscrewed itself-screw it back on

lift pump stopped-gave it a clout!


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I've only had a few issues in 15 years or so of ownership.

The first Spartan broke down the first time out because the fuel tank was full of water and debris. Got home by rigging up some clean petrol into the carb. A few years later at Beltring in 2007 in the mud we lost steering in one direction, resolved by cleaning the cylinders and bleeding again.

My Sabre broke down at Beltring in 2011 due to a dodgy coil. Worked fine when it had cooled down, but embarrassing when doing a convoy round the site. I replaced the coil with one bought in the stalls.

The diesel Spartan was delivered at the farm and ran perfectly fine when thrashed around the fields etc. When I drove it home it died in about the same spot as the petrol Spartan, water and debris in the fuel tank. Got it home and on the drive with the help of an RB44. It also broke down in Hythe on a road run when the nut holding the ball joint for the throttle cable on came loose and bounced around the engine bay. We towed it back to the camp site with the Striker.

Scimitar drove into its first show in a smoke screen, resolved by backing off the handbrake bands a bit. 

I've also been called out to rescue a Striker when the final drive locked up on a roundabout. We removed the track on that side and towed it home. 

Loss of rubber on the wheels is also a common problem, I always take a spare anywhere we go, along with a recovery A frame.

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Had an engine expire due to low oil pressure, but on that occasion we took the precaution of having it followed with a recovery truck due to it being a first proper road run. Then discovered the low oil warning lamp had been removed from the vehicle dash...

Also had a coolant hose split, fortunately not far from a show site. Cooled down, repaired filled and bled up the system. Also had brake pad, handbrake, brake cylinder, coil and road wheel issues but on show sites. Also had an HT lead ceramic end crack. 

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 A fuel pump  on a Fox CVRT burnt the wiring  at the motor museum coming out of the arena   soldered a new wire on the stub  and got home I considered a gravity  system if this was not successful . When I went to see this vehicle it blew its engine on the road test as it went over a fast  duel carriageway junction I bought the vehicle  at a reduced price and replaced the engine with a nos from Marcus Glenn

Apart from these events I have never had any of my vehicles break down  and have had 7 ferrets  2 champs  1 Fox CVRW  

Ac cobra  &  E type jaguar

The Fox was a great  vehicle and sadly I sold it

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This isnt as exciting as some of yours are but my Alternator belt in my Diesel Spartan exploded when moseying around my field, simple fix as you just loosen the fan belt tensioner, pop off the fan belt then sling on your new alternator belt

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Diesel fan belt failure.

Had the live feed wire come loose from the ballast resistor in the ignition junction box in my Sabre, resulting in no spark - took a while to track that one down.

Variety of fuel supply problems in Spartans due to dirt and water in fuel tanks.

Shed a few road wheel rubbers but never to the point where it’s stopped the job.

Couple of steering mc failures but usually after standing for a long time..

Did have one complete engine failure which I never figured out what it was - but at the time I had a load of spare engines so it was easier just to put a new one in (those were the days!)

Fuel supply is the only thing that’s ever stopped me mid journey…on one occasion for about 20 mins in the middle of a busy crossroads until I could nurse it out of the way!

I don’t tend to go very far on the road - maybe 7 or 8 miles to a country pub, but I always try to have at least a rough plan in case things go wrong - even if it’s just a local breakdown number..




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